UPDATE: Apologies – there are currently no more walking tour dates arranged – I’m having a break. If you really really wanted to experience the One of Us walk then get in touch and I’ll try and arrange a convenient date for us both.

Come and join me over the summer and walk around the centre of Brighton, taking in some of the key locations that feature in the Violet and Daisy Hilton story.

They were born at 18 Riley Road but that’s quite a walk from central Brighton, so I’ll bring a picture of it… that will keep the walk just over an hour in length.

There will be some merchandise available to anyone on the walking tours, all proceeds going towards funding a commemorative plaque for two incredible sisters.


  • Saturday 25 August 11am
  • Saturday 25 August 1pm
  • Sunday 26 August 11am
  • Sunday 26 August 1pm

I look forward to our time together 🙂

If you fancy a private group walking tour for you and your friends or a special occasion (not like a wedding present – you don’t wanna look cheap), then do get in touch and I’ll try and arrange that for you.

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