Hello and welcome to the website raising funds for a commemorative plaque for two of Brighton’s very own: Violet and Daisy Hilton. They were stars of stage and screen, as well as being the UK’s first surviving pair of conjoined twins.

Fans of the 1932 film Freaks may be aware of them but otherwise they remain rather unknown in Brighton. I hope to change that through the campaign for a plaque, after all, they’re ‘One of us’.

The council have confirmed the nomination of the Hilton twins for a plaque on their birth place, we now need to raise the money to pay for it. Any way you can help is much appreciated.

Alf, Brighton, UK

UPDATE: Sufficient funds for the plaque have been raised (thank you everyone), and it is due to be unveiled in May 2020.

Thank you to the Wellcome Collection for the use of their images of Violet and Daisy.